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When White Supremacy Knocks, Fight Back: How White People Can Use their Privilege and How Black People Can Use their Power explores the use of privilege and power by people who identify as White or Black to address the perennial challenge of our time.

This book challenges readers to do the deep, introspective work to examine privilege and harness power to fight back against white supremacy. As people from different backgrounds seek to discover ways to eradicate racism while understanding their own biases, When White Supremacy Knocks, Fight Back provides practical guidance that everyone can use to make their voices and actions create the change that they want to see.

Equal parts memoir and guidebook, each chapter recounts a personal story of the lived experience of a young, African American leader learning to navigate society while growing into adulthood and as a compassionate yet bold leader.

This compelling follow up to Monumental: It Was Never About a Statue teaches the art of leadership for social change. It stresses the importance of self-reflection and relationship building alongside analyzing and changing policy. When White Supremacy Knocks, Fight Back is a clarion call to action and essential reading for anyone running in the marathon to combat and defeat hate, bigotry, and racism in our society.

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